Dividing Ketu South constituency is my hallmark - Ketu South MPHon Abla Dzifa Gomashie

Ketu south constituency must be divided in to three parts because the number of votes we used to pull every election year cannot be compared to our developmental projects in the constituency,

She continues by saying, "dividing ketu south into two parts is not constitutional but three is enough"

The new and the first female member of parliament for Ketu South during an interview with Sam Kush on Holy FM 98.5 one of the local radio stations in Ketu South made it clear to the people of Ketu South that, dividing Ketu South into three constituency was what she stands for, even before she won their internal election as a parliamentary candidate on the ticket of the NDC.

"In fact, immediately after the general elections, so many people asked me many are we in the Ketu South constituency?

I cannot remember answering them with the total number of registered voters which is 139000 and over in the constituency but because I am so interested in the division of our constituency, I give them the number of polling stations, which is 280 plus in the Ketu south constituency which make most of them shout because, they don't believe a constituency in Ghana has over 200 polling stations.

During the time of my campaign, I made it clear to the good people of Ketu South to vote for former president Mahama and I , if we really want to develop like other constituencies in the country, because every constituency deserves equal share of the national cake without taking the number of constituents into consideration and they did it even more than I expected from them. We never thought of winning with 80000 plus votes . unfortunately, the person who suppose to serve us a referee only acted as a strong member of NPP which affected the presidential results but hopefully after court proceedings, we shall see where the power rests .

By: Senanu Alipui

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