A talented young Ghanaian artist born and raised in Anlo Afiadenyigba in the Keta municipality in the Volta region of Ghana by name Baeter Ernest and known on the stage as Effort finally set Tuesday 5th January 2021 to drop his first song.

After a long stay without feeding his fans with songs for two years, Effort finally posted in one of his social media platforms telling his fans not to worry because he will be dropping "better days" on Tuesday 5th January 2021. He added that, A video of the song (to be available on Ewenyigba TV) will follow immediately the song is out

It is a motivational song by all standards he posted

It is an undeniable fact that most of the people making it big and most of the rich men today are all from villages but because of limitation of job opportunities in the villages, they pray to God to help them get a well paid job in towns and cities which forced them to move from their villages to the town or cities in oder to make it in life, but after making it , they forget the villages where they come from.

He further emphasized that "if care is not taken, a time will come , God will neglect you in your entire life and send you back to your villages poor.

He added ,those of you who neglected your villages all because :

1.The road leading to the village is not in a good condition.

2.No pipe borne water,

3.No electricity in the village, forgetting the fact that, that town in which you are now was once a village and was developed by you who is even not from that place.

He made this known to the members of Christ The King A.M.E Zion church on Sunday 3rd January 2021, at Sonuto a village in Agbozume

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Talented young Ghanaian group by name Vincent and Victor, V Twins as they are call in the music industry believed only God can separate them from one another in the music industry even in their entire life.

They made this known to Senanu Alipui (Senanu Virus) the host of the Ewenyigba TV entertainment show dubbed Ewenyigba showbiz on Ewenyigba TV on Sunday 10th January, 2021. Indicating they are on track and believing it that no degree will cause them to split as a group.

They further emphasized that, not even any woman either they wives, girlfriends or mother can push for the separation of V Twins. They told the host while asked about the way forward in the music industry for them as a group or they split along the way.

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